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In this section I shall not be limited by messages from exhibitions, I shall show beautiful places in which had success to be.


Perhaps I shall start with city in which I live and I enjoy his majestic beauty.

Saint Petersburg


And it is the second on the importance for me territory where I aspire each time I wait with it for a meeting because it is my Native land.

Primorski Krai


Here we were at an exhibition and have not missed an opportunity to sweep and see the following:



In this city we periodically look to combine pleasant with useful.



Here the silence and harmony with the nature reigns.

Novgorod area


Here was born Yotequiero Di Rio Galeria.

Italy, Rome


It is native land Arnica Montana Pahkinan Floflo.



International dog show Grand-Prix "Spring Petersburg", the judge R. Khomasuridze (Russia)

International dog show Grand-Prix "Spring Petersburg"


Travel St.-Petersburg - Vladivostok - Omsk - St.-Petersburg.

More in detail










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